Transforming Leadership to Sustain the Next Generation.

"To do business means more than just making profit-it’s partnerships on the ground, it’s bringing value to all communities where we do business.” --Lee Winfield


In the years to come, effective leadership will play an important role as the world struggles to overcome the adverse effects of war, bad government, economic greed and vegetative pressures on our ecology. Unfortunately, the majority of our country’s citizens, and particularly students who attend under-resourced schools, do not receive the training and preparation needed to respond to complex social, political, economic and environmental needs.

Students experience and learn about the work of international businesses such as Coca Cola, America Airlines and AT&T. Upon their return, students incorporate what they have learned abroad by preparing school news articles, making presentations to youth organizations, to schools and other public forums. They use these opportunities to break down barriers of mistrust and prejudice that separate people.

Students learn first-hand how different communities respond to social, political, economic and environmental issues in order to become informed global citizens who are capable of bringing a global perspective to local challenges.

This aspect of the conference comprises a long-term effect that directly links to the sustainability of the project. Besides, the participants meet and communicate with high-ranking governmental officials, diplomats and business people, who furnish them with useful tips and advice, as well as share their professional experiences.

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