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"To do business means more than just making profit-it’s partnerships on the ground, it’s bringing value to all communities where we do business.” --Lee Winfield


Annually, A-WOW IGLI host an exchange students two-week conference for girls, age 16-21. The conference will provide all students with a unique, cross-cultural learning experience, via lectures, workshops and team-building exercises. The goal is to engage and inspire the students to become innovative leaders and good will-ambassadors of their world, particularly focusing on leadership and skills development, community services, multiculturalism, health and green environmental innovations. Broadly speaking, the program attracts three types of leaders:

Those that have or planning to develop an innovative idea to address a specific social problem in a pattern-breaking, sustainable and scalable way. Those that will work in and or build the infrastructure needed for social entrepreneurial work to take root. Those who will spur others to act on a national or global scale to address particular social problems through various avenues, such as media, the arts, and individuals who want to improve the operations and management systems of public, private and non-profit organizations.

We have chosen to focus on the work of leadership rather than just on the personal characteristics of individual leadership. We believe sustainable and scalable efforts require contributions from people in multiple roles.

The A-WOW International Girls Leadership Initiative conference is two weeks of high-level teaching, mentoring and coaching programs designed to help young girls reach their goals and dreams. It is all about "decisive action and sacred support" for those who are serious about achievements and doing whatever it takes with a “no-excuses” approach. A-WOW IGLI wants to help them share their leadership skills with the world.

The conference will begin August 7, 2011, and will end on August 20, 2011. Sessions will be Sunday thru Saturday, 7:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Participants will attend scheduled tours at large and small businesses. There will also be various excursion activities and field trips. In addition, they participate in numerous competitions. After each competition, an award is given to a recognized student.

A-WOW will host a graduation ceremony upon completion of the program, and each student will earn a certification of completion.

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