Transforming Leadership to Sustain the Next Generation.

"Sustainability is not a just destination, it is also a journey." -Pip


Our goals are to have participants complete the program and then apply that knowledge in real life settings or situations in order to progressively advance as the future leaders of the world.

Benefits participants other areas of focus:

Provide educational opportunities and to explore international studies/exchange student programs, scholarships, internships and employment opportunities. Provide a forum for girls, ages 16-21, to connect with present and emerging world leaders, top executives, prominent community figures and recruiters from leading corporations, government agencies and non-profit organizations. Engage in powerful positive programs promoting self-awareness, self-development of mind, body and spirit while learning to face their fears. Engage in professional development and leadership seminars, expert panel discussions, and networking sessions while learning to overcome their fears. To be a state-of-the- leadership/mentoring/coaching and skills development, community with particular focus on services, multiculturalism, health and green environmental innovations. Partnering with youth organizations and educators to, promote cross-cultural understanding, and cultivate ethical responsibility, as well as provide them with long-term support.

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By Pip

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