Transforming Leadership to Sustain the Next Generation.

To do business means more than just making profit-it’s partnerships on the ground, it’s bringing value to all communities where we do business.” --Lee Winfield

Company Objective

A-WOW believes in the learning method of a direct, hands-on experience. The activities we offer are simulative, allowing students the opportunity to test their leadership skills, debate current issues, deliver speeches, draft resolutions, make executive decisions, and realize through experience the complexities of international relations. Their participating and interaction provokes communication and dialogue that, throughout the weeks, provide an unparalleled learning experience and cross-cultural adventure.


Facilitate a cross-cultural exchange of ideas and foster international relationships through our young women leadership, coaching and mentoring program. Break down the barriers that separate different cultures by providing programs and training focused on how the global community is connected and how we can learn from each other to solve challenges that affect us all as well as, cultivate ethical. Responsibility. Develop state-of-the-art youth leadership and mentorship programs for demonstrating good community leadership abilities and to inspire them to become the next generation of innovative leaders. Conduct international seminars, conferences and virtual learning opportunities. Partner with other youth organization and educator. Provide high-potential youth with tools and resources that will build leadership skills. Ensure each student becomes an informed citizen and effective leader to be able to respond to issues and conditions that threaten our world. Emphasize each individual’s ability and enhance their responsibility to create change in society. Assist the various regions in achieving its vision by providing funding and logistical support for research, education and training that promote conservation and sustainable development. Provide them with long-term support.

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