Transforming Leadership to Sustain the Next Generation.

Your business is inherently unsustainable if the communities where you do business are not prosperous and you are the only one doing well…you cannot leave your community behind as a responsible company- Asiko


A-WOW IGLI offers a two-week summer conference. Throughout the year student participates by building on the leadership and analytical skills, they have fostered. Weekly they meet via video conference to discuss current global and local issues and work on group assignment, all which nourish the cultural exchange between these individuals

What Makes Us Unique?

Leadership engagement through service.
Students practice and apply leadership through A-WOW’S IGLI unique form of public service. They plan and develop service projects that capture their own vision for positive action while supporting the mission of the organization in which they volunteer. Students serve a wide range of community needs, including health, education, social services and youth development through the project they create.

A-WOW IGLI promotes and cultivates high expectations for personal development, including preparation for and attainment of higher education. It also draws a critical link between personal responsibility for self-development and leadership to address local and global challenges.


For many of the participants, the A-WOW International Girls Leadership Initiative is the first opportunity to travel abroad and explore another country. The conference helps them expand their horizons, experience the joy of travel, and discover new cultures and places. Again, it is an opportunity for them to step out of their comfort zones and experience the world at large.

During the conference, many of the participants establish life-long friendships, which in a longer perspective may affect the decision-making processes in their countries, promote international peace and non-violence, and determine outcomes of certain problems and crises.

Each participant of different cultural inevitably contributes to intercultural communication and better understanding of different cultures. Consequently, the conference reinforces the values of tolerance, equality and democracy among participants.

Last but not least, the conference empowers its participants, and encourages them to continue making their communities safer and better places to live.

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