2013 Leadership & Development Institute
“Empowering the future”
January 27 | March 17, 2013

The Institute learning objectives
Our Goal at A-WOW is to be intentional about what our Ambassadors take away from their leadership experiences in our programs. Our objective is to ensure participants gain leadership knowledge, enhance intrapersonal skills, experience civic engagement and learn practical life skills.

As a A-WOW Ambassador, you will:
■ Learn that leadership is more than holding a position and that we are all leaders and can serve
■ Learn and explore personal values
■ Build confidence then learn to  motivate others to become active leaders involved in promoting positive change
■ Develop a belief and a sense of confidence, that confidence will then allow you to be open to challenges without feeling intimidated
■ Learn risk management and will understand and become comfortable taking calculated risks
■ Maintain a sense of personal balance by exploring and discovering your needs
■ Develop awareness and understanding of the challenges youth are facing locally, nationally and globally
■ Learn, understand and experience diverse cultures and cross-cultural communication
■ Develop creative, globally-minded leadership skills and gain an understanding of privilege and oppression
■ Be able to integrate your own experiences into your leadership development process
■ Develop critical thinking and team building skills
■ Get a chance to directly impact your local community and/or school                     
■ Learn college and job readiness skills, how to effectively prepare for college entry, interviewing skills and resume writing.
■ Engage with the community as a means to explore one’s civic responsibility as a leader
■ Learn humanitarian values such as being committed to social justice, engaging in social responsibility and serving as positive social change agent.

The program is a starting point for girls and young women, who have shown leadership and initiative in their school, university, community or organizations, but have had rare opportunities to develop those skills.

ADVANTAGES and Benefits include:
■ A chance to exercise and improve your leadership skills
■ Networking with other Ambassadors to exchange ideas and resources
■ A great resume-builder
■ An opportunity to travel
■ An opportunity to spread cross-cultural learning in your school/community
■ Invitations to special A-WOW IGLI  events
■ Support for your activities from the A-WOW IGLI Team
■ And so much MORE!

PREREQUISITES (all candidates should demonstrate)
■  Personal interest and commitment to help improve the community & quality of life through past, present and future activities
■  A willingness to commit the time and energy necessary to complete the program requirements.
■  Each candidate may request sponsorship from a respective business or organization that is willing to commit to the requirements of the program
■  A willingness to collaborate with universities, schools, businesses & sponsoring organizations
to help identify potential areas to form strategic alliances. The identified candidates should be those most likely to utilize their leadership abilities for the long-term benefit of society

*All successful Ambassadors will receive an A-WOW Certificate of Completion for Leadership and Development, an invitation to A-WOW Annual World Summit, Graduation Gala and an invitation to A-WOW’s October two-day retreat.

2013 Leadership & Development Institute

LDI Speakers:

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