Annual Mentoring Symposium Retreat
“Communication in the Context of Writing”
Friday, October 5, 2012 | Saturday, October 6, 2012

The two-day retreat will be a gathering of prominent, influential and inspirational corporate, business and community leaders, who will engage the youth by providing professional knowledge, expertise, guidance on written communication and the skill-set needed to become a successful leader in a competitive and global marke.

The symposium aims to empower, enrich and educate by promoting and spotlighting the work and leadership skills of each participant. Emphasis are placed on the importance of understanding basic corporate, creative and cross-cultural written communication.


  • Participants will learn the different kinds of business writing skills.
  • Participants will learn the impact and relation between written communication and cultural.
  • Participants will experience the joy of writing and freedom of expression while learning.

A-WOW IGLI actively fosters an environment in which young ladies can discover and reveal her unique voice. Participants in A-WOW IGLI thrive as they explore the far edges of their capabilities as students, leaders, volunteers, friends and citizens in an ever-changing world. They are challenged and nurtured to become their best selves and to make meaningful contributions to their local communities.

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Symposium Speakers:


SpringHill Suites | Dallas Downtown-West End | 1907 N. Lamar St | Dallas, Texas 75202 USA