2013 Leadership & Development Institute
“Empowering the future”
January 27 | March 17, 2013

A-WOW Leadership and Development Institute covers an eight-week span of personal, social and professional development. The program consists of pre/post-assessments, action labs, mentoring and coaching, group projects and networking. Candidates will spend time learning and developing leadership abilities and interpersonal skills by engaging in various activities such as personal and peer mentoring, career planning, youth advocacy community projects and more! Being a participant in this program will give
students the necessary tools to become catalysts for change.

A-WOW is a not-for-profit organization established to help develop personal leadership awareness,
skill development and prepare teens and young women to assume active roles in their schools,
communities and throughout society.

Our mission is to foster and promote leadership and skill development through education, training,
innovative learning opportunities, mentoring and empowering young women ages 16 – 21, as well as
establishing an enduring legacy for female leadership, organizations and businesses globally.

Our aim is to educate, empower and enrich irrespective of social, religious or ethnic orientation.

As leaders, the time is NOW to step into our leadership power and use this ability in every area of
our lives. If you are ready for your life transforming experience and want to say goodbye to the old
way of doing things; then step into a new direction and join us for the next eight weeks.

Leadership Development Institute Goals and Benefits

LDI Speakers:

Location: TBD