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"To do business means more than just making profit-it’s partnerships on the ground, it’s bringing value to all communities where we do business.” --Lee Winfield


A-WOW’S IGLI conference welcomes students, ages 16-21, as well as recent graduates of A-WOW’S IGLI who demonstrate commitment to academic excellence, professional development and community involvement in a spirit of responsible and sustainable leadership and who seek to strengthen their leadership skills and gain meaningful international experiences.

A-WOW offers a stream of Practical Activities

Visits to foreign embassies and government agencies offer an opportunity to meet diplomats, government officials and politicians and to expose the participants to the “reality” of these vocations. These visits provide for useful first-hand experiences, contributing to a better understanding of the careers chosen by the participants. Panel discussions engage the participants in a dialogue with various professionals, who while sharing their experiences and opinions, contribute to a better understanding of the issues at hand, including Responsible Leadership, Leadership and Gender, and Mass Media in Conflicts. Cultural activities are designed to illustrate the diversity of our world and to promote better understanding of cultures and traditions. These activities expose participants to the cultural heritage of various peoples that they might not have otherwise experienced.

Key concepts and ideas that drive the leadership program are taught during daily workshops.

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